Going Up? – Videos

Going Up?, a community forum about the Pound Lane escalator project, took place in the Museum of Medical Science on June 29th.

  • Introduction by Ms. Melissa Cate Christ, Assistant Professor at the Division of Landscape Architecture, University of Hong Kong.
  • Brief introduction to the Pound Lane Escalator proposal by Tungwah District Councilor Ms Kathy Siu Ka Yi
  • Engineer, Special Duty from Transport Department, Mr. Stephen Lee discusses the history and technical details of the Pound Lane escalator projects
  • Engineer Mr. Lai discusses the hiring of a consultant for the Pound Lane escalator project.
  • Presentation by Assistant Professor of HKU, Mrs. Melissa Cate Christ, and Research Assistant Mr. Lance Wong on the year long Tungwah District and Pound Lane Escalator research.
  • Session for participants of the forum to bring up their thoughts and questions.
    Ms Kathy Siu Ka Yi explains about her position.
  • Continuation of the discussion addressing the forum presentations.
    Mr. Stephen Lee further explains the whole procedure involved with the proposal of Pound Lane Escalator.

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1 thought on “Going Up? – Videos

  1. So sad that yet another loud eyesore is being put up to help lazy people who don’t like “carrying groceries” up some stairs in the heat. You knew you’d need to use the stairs when you decided to move into the area! This will ruin the ambience and beautiful quiet surrounds of SWan. I guess this is HK after all where the ability to look beyond ‘convenience’ to preserve heritage / personality is lacking. 10000 trips a day?? No chance and this will be a waste of time and money. I agree investment into the area is needed and would be a better use of funds – ie: adding greenery and opening up certain areas more. This doesn’t need to have a 250m escalator as part of the plan. And school kids??? Get them active! I walked 8kms everyday to school and back and I am healthier for it. Please don’t turn one of the last quiet and nice areas of greater central into a new soho. Leave that for centre street (500m away!!)

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