A pedestrian escalator has been proposed for Pound Lane by the Transport and Highways Departments. Its stated aim is to balance the demand on the existing Mid-Levels escalator and to relieve future traffic congestion associated with the MTR Island Line extension and increasing student numbers at HKU. A preliminary feasibility study has been completed and the detailed design phase is moving forward with a projected time period for public comment scheduled in 6-9 months. HKU Landscape Architecture students and faculty are engaging this process by seeking to understand the concerns of the community as to engender a reciprocal cycle of research design and outreach.

This blog documents a series of workshops undertaken in 2011-2012 by Melissa Cate Christ, Asst. Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), and HKU students in the course ARCH 3029 Environment Community and Design, to understand the needs of local communities in the context of municipal infrastructure proposals. The research and community engagement exercises are supported in part by the HKU Division of Landscape Architecture and by HKU Knowledge Exchange Funding.

We would like to hear from you – please share your questions and comments about the past present, and future of Pound Lane and Blake Garden community.

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  1. I knew this proposed project when DAB claimed that they had successfully “fought that for us” (again) 2 years ago. Being a user and resident near Pound Lane for years, I immediately questioned about the needs of the project, and the impacts to the special context here during and after the construction. Too bad that I have missed the workshop last year. Glad that I find the invitation for the new workshop and this blog today. See you this Friday.

    Student of Leslie Chen and CK Wong

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